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Why Choose Certus?

The Certus Group is a well established consulting company with a depth of expertise combined with a wealth of experience that sets the foundation for delivering exceptional quality services to clients in USA, Canada, UK, the Caribbean and globally. Having delivered consistently to happy clients across regions we bring world class consulting expertise and leverage our team to ensure value in terms of expertise, quality, service, support and cost.

  • consists of senior client focused consultants,
  • is available 24/7 to give support which is particularly beneficial during financial reporting periods,
  • eliminates rebills due to ‘band-aid’ fixes by solving problems comprehensively the first time,
  • has global support infrastructure,
  • provides flexible terms of business to clients via an array of available choices,
  • has highly competitive charges compared to other many providers,
  • has no ‘monthly fixed standby charges’ for merely being available when needed,
  • provides accurate initial estimates thus avoiding over budget and over time situations.