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Unified Operations and Financial Management Systems

Looking to give your organisation an edge with advanced financial systems?

Manage your financials
Make informed decisions
Connect data across accounting, sales, purchasing, inventory, and customer interactions to get an end-to-end view of your business. Chart financial performance in real time with built-in BI dashboards.
Accelerate financial close and reporting
Streamline accounts receivables and payables, and automatically reconcile accounts to close and report on financials quickly and accurately, while maintaining compliance.
Improve forecast accuracy
Refine financial forecasts by modeling and analyzing data across multiple dimensions. Customize reports using seamless Microsoft Excel integration.

Sell smarter and improve customer service
Deliver value at every touch point
Prioritize sales leads based on revenue potential. Keep track of all customer interactions and get guidance on best upsell, cross-sell, and renewal opportunities throughout your sales cycle.
Boost sales productivity
Accelerate the quote to cash process. Act quickly on sales-related inquiries, manage service requests, and process payments—all from within Outlook.
Deliver exceptional service
Gain a comprehensive overview of your service tasks, workloads, and employee skills to effectively assign resources and accelerate case resolution.

Optimize your operations
Manage forecasting to fulfillment
Use sales forecasts and expected stock-outs to automatically generate production plans and create purchase orders.
Run your warehousing efficiently
Get a holistic view of inventory for efficient order fulfillment. Track every item transaction and movement by setting up bins based on warehouse layout and storage unit dimensions.
Reach optimal output levels
Calculate and optimize manufacturing capacity and resources to improve production schedules and meet customer demands.

Run your business anywhere
Choose cloud, on-premise, or hybrid deployment
Certus solutions run where you need them, in the cloud or on-premises, with the same user experience no matter how you deploy.
Take your business on the go
Mobile solutions support both cloud and on-premise users with a consistent, modern experience across Windows, Android, or IOS devices.
Benefits & additional capabilities
  • Data interpretation using a rich set of analysis tools, including Microsoft Office Excel and Enterprise Reporting Cube Designer for online analytical processing (OLAP).
  • Flexible reporting, including statutory and management reporting of multi-tiered information.
  • Graphical representations of key performance indicators (KPIs) to help decision makers visualize trends, patterns, and relationships that affect profitability and enhance strategic planning.
  • Seamless integration with any general ledger or financial system for reliable, consistent financial data.
  • Support for financial industry standards.
  • The ability to balance performance with accuracy and centralised control, while maintaining local autonomy.
  • Web browser access to data across the organisation.
  • Business data can be viewed, modified and analysed at anytime, and remotely processed for distribution in a variety of formats.

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