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Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics Customer Relationship Management Software

Sales - You strive to outsmart and outpace your competition, so you understand how important it is to equip your people with the right CRM tools. Get the tools that make your internal processes simpler and easier - so your sales force can focus on what’s important – closing profitable business. Microsoft Dynamics CRM prepares sales teams to win by providing insightful. Dynamics CRM supplies a collaborative and connected intelligence platform to make your sales team quick, mobile and highly productive.

Customer Care - Support all facets of your customer service organisation, from contract management to marketing, with help from Dynamics CRM. Delight clients with a positive user experience by quickly resolving issues with real-time customer support.

Give employees the tools to retain valuable customers:

  • Drive revenue with targeted products and products derived from customer insights. Enhance customers' satisfaction by solving their problems on the first contact. Increase efficiency by delivering tiered service levels based on customer value.
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM is built to enable each person in your organisation to thrive. With the right system of engagement, you do more than inspire them. You enable them to do their best.
  • Marketing - Unleash your team's marketing potential with Microsoft Dynamics CRM delivering enterprise marketing automation and multichannel campaign management to fuel closed-loop business innovation.

    Technology - The Certus Group customises Microsoft Dynamics CRM working with our clients to enhance the value of their relationships, help improve business relevance and fit, drive operational excellence, and increase business insights.