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Company Background

About The Certus Group

The Certus Group understands the unique needs, technology infrastructure and software requirements of organisations around the world. We provide human and technical resources that match the needs of our clients with a range of skill sets and sophistication, with competitive pricing structures that ensure uncompromising value and lower costs. We provide a truly client-centric service, a deep understanding of the unique needs of each client and significant skill and experience in our application areas.

The Certus Group is a company made up of senior consultants who provide timely, expert and cost effective consulting and support to our clients through the cycle from selecting solutions, implementation and support. Our expertise lies in Financial Reporting / BI / Budgeting and forecasting with a focus on Infor SunSystems and Microsoft Dynamics for the mid-market. For more complex solutions, we have specialists in the SAP Suite of Solutions. In addition we have TIRS (an end-to-end reinsurance application) and CRM systems and custom application development. The Certus Group has been designed from the ground up to seamlessly serve the needs of customers.

The Certus Group is comprised of:
  • Senior Business analysts steeped in the needs of our financial services, insurance and other industry clients.
  • Technology consultants skilled in the care and feeding of BI, CRM, Financial Reporting, GRC and Reinsurance applications.
  • Account managers who act as liaisons between clients and our other resources.
  • Application developers who build new functionality when required.
  • Customer support representatives who help clients use our applications effectively.
  • Project managers who ensure each project runs smoothly – coming in on time and budget.